What Does Military Radio Chatter Actually Sound like?

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What does military radio chatter actually sound like? How does it differ between branches?

The problem with producers of games and movies is t know just enough to sound good but in reality t have no clue. First of all, at least in the US military, we use encrypted radios so that anyone listening to us can’t hear what we are saying. There is a comm center that listens in to make sure we don’t violate communications or operations security. While many civilians use 10 code, the military uses encoded “plain speech.” For example, “Balls 74 is down. Going to spot 15. We need to get some of these birds outbound so we can have room for more. We are mog with the latest inbound. …Line 5 has base plus 5 inbound cargo, and base plus 10 pax. He will be on the ground for base plus 15. How copy? …Copy good Lima Charley.

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They have code words, such as “Tango”, which is a code to let the other unit know, “I don't have anyone, need someone. This isn't the only way you would code a conversation as a military unit. You can use a specific language like Chinese, but also code by the tone of the conversation. So while they are listening to their radios, they can hear exactly what each other is saying. Here is one example of the code used by the military unit in our first scenario. Coding the conversation between the soldiers and the dogs. I have a copy here. They have a radio exchange system, we don't use that. What I want to do is decode it. What I would do is take one or both of my radio sets off and run it through the code and look for some kind of tone change. If.